How do I block, make, modify or convert my standard capacity magazines to ten rounds?

California gun owners have several options:

Gunther Guns is a licensed firearms dealer in the State of California. We hold a high capacity magazine permit and can assist you by blocking your high capacity magazines to a 10 round maximum.

We charge $20 each for blocked magazine.

You can drop your hi-cap mags off at our store or mail your high capacity magazines to:
Gunther Guns
2717 Loker Ave West
Carlsbad, Ca 92010

You will be charged for return shipping.

Disclaimer: Gunther Guns makes no claims or guarantees that after blocking your high capacity magazines to a maximum of ten rounds that they will be "legal" in the State of California or any other state. After blocking your magazines we will pin or epoxy the back plate to prevent or deter someone from attempting to remove the blocking device.






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